Staff Pager Systems

Shop here for complete, ready-out-of-the-box staff pager systems in various brands, capabilities and sizes by pager quantity.

Staff systems may use alert-only pagers or text-display pagers.  Both types are shown here.

Alert-only systems are the simplist and most cost-effective type. Many are "one-touch", which means that it only takes a single button press to signal a pager. If needed, a limited number of selectable alert styles can be used to vary the meaning of the alert; i.e., one buzz means "kitchen" and two buzzes means "bar", etc.

Alert-only staff pagers are most often used for restaurant waitstaff and office staff or who need an inconspicuous pager (usually silent, vibrate-only) for their entire workshift. These are also widely used as parent pagers for church nurseries so as to provide silent paging during services.

Text-display systems are often used by medical offices and manufacturing businesses and anywhere specific text messages are needed.

For custom systems with any number of pagers, transmitters or equipment mixes, please call 805-375-7000.