Restaurant Pagers

Shop here for a comprehensive variety of restaurant pager systems. The main types are:

  • Server system pagers are for waitstaff so they can be alerted when food or drink is ready to be served. Transmitters are kept in the kitchen or bar to call servers silently. Most restaurants consider server systems to be essential kitchen equipment.
  • Guest system pagers are for customers to let them know when their table is ready, or in fast-casual, for when their food is ready to pick up. Transmitters are at the host stand or service counter.
  • Push-for-Service system transmitters may be at every table to call for service or any station to call for staff help. Servers and managers carry pagers with text displays that can say which table or station is calling.

How many pagers do you need?  The most popular system sizes are twenty guest pagers and ten server pagers, but you should order based on how many pagers you need at your busiest time plus a few spares. If you have as many as twenty guest parties waiting at your busiest time, then order a system with twenty or more pagers. If you have eight servers on the floor at your busiest time, order a system with ten pagers.

You can also get custom systems with any number of pagers or transmitters. To order custom systems, call 805-375-7000.