Pager Replacements

Shop here for individual pagers or sets to replace bad or missing pagers, or to add to the total number of pagers in your system.

Be sure to note expansion kits' and pager packs' (five-packs, etc.) lower price-per-pager costs.

Be mindful of the charger requirements when purchasing new pagers because new pagers that do not get charged properly will appear to be defective! So:

  • Add more chargers as needed: Do not add more pagers to your system than your chargers are meant to handle!
  • Replace old chargers as a precaution: Avoid using old chargers for new pagers! If your chargers are more than two years old, consider replacing them. Old chargers can make new pagers appear to be defective when they fail to charge them properly, despite charge status lights that say that charging is working.

Note that LRS only works with LRS and ARCT only works with ARCT. Apollo equipment is usually industry-standard POCSAG protocol and may be compatable with many other POCSAG-protocol brands.