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The PagerParts.com Catalog

PagerParts specializes in representing the full line of pager systems, components, parts and expansion kits for the following brands and manufacturers:

  • LRS - Long Range Systems
  • ARCT (a DPC brand)
  • Apollo (a DPC brand)
  • Artemis (a DPC brand)

Most items in each line are available in the PagerParts catalog, especially replacement and expansion items.

Phone for Orders, Questions and Quotes

We encourage you to call us with your questions, orders and quote requests by phone during Pacific business hours. We make a point of being readily available by phone and we can often be reached during odd hours as well.

Sales Phone: 805-375-7000

The Online Shopping Cart

Our web shopping cart is available 24/7 and accepts orders for shipping worldwide. (Note: LRS products are restricted to US delivery only.) The products in our catalog are described in full detail including prices, options, shipping methods and related products.

Special Instructions: Use the Special instructions for seller box you see when you add items to the shopping cart to enter any special instructions, but in particular, such specifics as pager numbers and system IDs or codes where it applies. (Examples: "Pagers #1, 4, 6-10" or "System Code 0000123").

To see the contents of your shopping cart, use the Cart link in the right corner of all pages. (Use the same link to complete your purchase.)

Helpful Definitions for Navigating the Website

PagerParts.com menus are organized by the broad groups of pager product types as follows:

Pager System Types

  • Guest/Patient/Customer: Guest pagers are usually handed out to the public for a limited time while waiting for service. These are typically coaster-style pagers that are conspicuous and hard to ignore when they go off.
  • Staff/Server/Parent: Staff pagers are for office staff or restaurant waitstaff who need an inconspicous pager (usually silent, vibrate-only) for their entire workshift. These are also often used as parent pagers for church nurseries so as to provide silent paging during services.
  • Push-for-Service: These are for situations such as unattended service counters, locked doors or exam rooms where a service button is needed to alert staff to come to a counter, door, room, etc. Push-for-service transmitters usually send text messages to text-display pagers. When you have multiple transmitters, each one sends different messages to say which counter, room, door, or table called.

Systems, Parts, Components and Expansion Kits

  • Systems are complete pager system kits, usually plug-and-play, and usually consisting of a transmitter, pagers, and pager charger if needed. (Examples: "staff pager system with 15 pagers", "guest pager system with 30 pagers", etc.)
  • Components are complete devices such as pagers, transmitters and chargers. Components are not usually stand-alone products and must be combined with other types of components to make up a useful system. For example, a minimum system is a transmitter plus a pager. You usually order components to expand systems or as replacements. You can usually add more pagers, transmitters and chargers to systems as needed.
  • Parts are replacement parts for components, such as belt clips for pagers, power supplies for chargers, antennas and name boards for transmitters. These are usually for user-serviceable items items only. Parts that require special installation skills such as circuit boards and button panels are usually not available.
  • Expansion Kits are convenient kits of components and parts to easily expand existing systems. Examples are five-packs of pagers alone, or staff pager expansion kits which include pagers and add-on charger parts to expand charger capacity as well.

The Company

Since 1980, Advanced Analytical, Inc. has specialized in the development and sales of business software, devices, services and management aids.

PagerParts.com is a website and dba of Advanced Analytical, Inc. We are one of the largest and oldest online dealers of specialty paging equipment. (PagerParts.com is the newest of our websites, but we have been selling pager systems online since 2003.)

Advanced Analytical, Inc. is the owner and author of PagerParts.com.

Physical Address and Phone Numbers

Advanced Analytical, Inc.
621 Courtney Ct.
Newbury Park, CA 91320 USA

Phone: 805-375-7000