Text Message Systems

Shop here for complete, ready-out-of-the-box staff pager systems in various brands, capabilities and sizes by pager quantity.

Text message systems range from very basic push-for-service (PFS) systems to extremely capable enterprise systems that can service thousands of people.

PFS systems may be as simple as a single one-button transmitter and a single pager. But if you need multiple transmitters for each service window, locked door, exam room or workstation, the transmitters can send a text message that says which window, door, etc. is calling.

The larger text message systems shown here are often used by medical offices and manufacturing businesses and anywhere text messages need to be sent to specific users. Often, there is a single transmitter at a reception or dispatch desk used to send messages to any number of staff members with pagers. These systems are used instead of cell phones wherever cell service is not available or reliable, or cell phones are not allowed or are too easily ignored.

For custom systems with any number of pagers, transmitters or equipment mixes, please call 805-375-7000.