Power Supply for Guest Pager Chargers by Long Range Systems (Part A1-0020)

Power Supply for Guest Pager Chargers by Long Range Systems (Part A1-0020)

LRS - Long Range Systems

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These are the power supplies (part L1-0020) for LRS coaster-style guest pager chargers only (for pager models RX-CS7 and older).

Power supplies are the charger parts that plug into wall power on one end and into charger bases on the other. Power supplies connect to charger bases which are daisy-chained with jumper wires to more bases to distribute power as needed.


Power Protection: LRS power supplies are designed to absorb the damaging effect of power surges to protect the electronics that they power. They do so by blowing out in the event of a power surge, and doing such by design, are not covered by LRS system warranties.

Plug into "Clean" Outlets: LRS power supplies should not be plugged into the same outlets that serve heavy power users such as big motors or heaters which cause power surges or other bad power conditions. Bad or "dirty" power sources can cause chargers to provide insufficient power to properly charge all its pagers. Partially-charged pagers may be unreliable.

LRS charger bases, racks and slots are designed to "daisy chain" by means of jumper wires so they can share a single power supply. The power supply connects to a first base or rack, which connects by jumper to the next, and then again to another, up to the limit of the power supply (two coaster bases or five bay racks).

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