Text Message Display Pager by Apollo (Model Gold AL-A24)

Text Message Display Pager by Apollo (Model Gold AL-A24)

Apollo Pager Systems

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NOTE:  The Apollo Gold AL-A24 model has been replaced by the Apollo AP-700.  The remaining AL-A24 stock may be sold out.  Please order the AP-700 (available at PagerBeep.com) instead.

The Apollo Gold AL-A24 (also called ALA24S and 924) is a side-display pager that can be used with various Apollo, ARCT and other brands of POCSAG-standard pager transmitters. Purchase the pager by itself as a replacement unit or to expand your paging system with more pagers.

The AL-A24 shows full alphanumeric messages on four-line displays of up to 84 characters. Typical uses include urgent and specific messaging to managers and staff such as to announce emergencies, request help for a specific patient, answer a door, call a phone number, see a customer at a certain table, etc.


The Apollo Gold AL-A24 pager is recommended when a smaller or most cost-effective pager is needed. It is often used both for wide-area subscription service and private local service.

  • Small, beeper-style pager with belt clip.
  • Beeps and/or vibrates.
  • Four-line display with true alpha characters (that automatically switches between 2- and 4-lines depending on the message length)
  • Three navigation buttons
  • Holds up to 25 messages
  • Works with most POCSAG transmitters
  • Uses one AAA battery that lasts three to four months.
  • Lithium backup battery
  • Low battery indicator
  • Automatic backlight (green color)
  • Belt clip / pager cradle including a see-through display shield.
  • Supports group paging
  • Hand programmable from its menu or from your PC with the optional programming tool.

The Apollo 24- and 25-series pagers have similar capabilities with the main differences being physical size and heft. The 24 is for those who want a physically small pager. The 25 is for those who need an all-around heftier pager with a larger, brighter, easier to read display, louder beeps, stronger vibration and bigger buttons. (See the Related Products section below for the link to the 24.)


The AL-A24 is a favorite pager of the assisted living industry. It is also commonly used in public, government, company, emergency response and private service, with either wide-area or local ranges. It is compliant with the POCSAG industry standard and is compatible with the wide variety of POCSAG transmitters on the market, including Apollo and ARCT brand transmitters.

Pager systems using this pager are often used where cell phone services are not available, reliable or otherwise not desired. There are many physical situations where signals from pager transmitters can reach places that cell signals cannot- for example, pager signals are better able to bend around hills and mountains than cell signals.


Specifications (Model Apollo Gold AL-A24)

Note: The 450-470MHz range is the default, and most widely used, frequency range selected for this product. (You can hand-program pagers for frequencies within the ranges.) 152-159 MHz or 929-932 MHz ranges are also available on request.

  • 450-470MHz programmable frequency range (450-470MHz is the default. 152-159 MHz or 929-932 MHz are also available on request.)
  • Narrowband or wideband operation
  • Automatic on/off increases battery life
  • Pager Type: Alphanumeric
  • Paging Protocol / Format: POCSAG (A Flex version is available on request.)
  • Pager Form Factor: Traditional handheld / clip-on
  • Size: 2.5" x 1.75" x .75" (64mm x 43mm x 20mm) (without holster)
  • Available Frequency Bands: VHF, UHF (430-470MHz [UHF] is the default option. 135-174MHz [VHF] or 929-932 [UHF] are available options.)
  • Bandwidth Options: Operates narrowband (12.5 kHz) or wideband (25 kHz) (software programmable)
  • Pager Baud / Bit Rates (bps): 512 / 1200 / 2400 (programmable)
  • Capcode Addresses: 8 (Flex version: 16 short/long)
  • Controls: 3 multi-function navigation buttons
  • LED Indicators: None
  • LCD Display: Large holographically-enhanced LCD, approximately 1-3/4" x 5/8" (46 x 17mm); 4 lines / 84 characters with zoom to 2 lines; green backlight
  • Alert Methods for Pages: Beep (4 beep, 10 melody); Vibe; LCD
  • Alert Volume for Pages: 87dB @ 4" (10cm)
  • Language Selection: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, German
  • Hand Programming Features: Frequency, capcodes, baud rate, password, and display contrast programmable directly from pager (hand programming feature may also be disabled via PC programming software)
  • Message Management Features: 25 total memory slots for incoming and saved messages; selective message lock / delete; duplicate message indicator; unread message indicator; message full indicator; mail drop alert; unread message reminder; auto scroll; zoom
  • Date & Time Features: Month, Date, Year, Time display; user-selectable 12 or 24 hour format; 5 daily alarm sets
  • Battery Type: Alkaline AAA
  • Battery Configuration: 1 x AAA; lithium backup battery
  • Housing Material: Heavy gauge polycarbonate plastic
  • Color: Black (other colors available)
  • Special Ratings & Certifications: UL-certified for hazardous locations (Class I, Div. 2, Groups A,B,C,D; includes Canada), RoHS compliant
  • Additional Features: Auto Sleep (programmable); User-friendly navigation with icons and text labels for menus and tasks
  • Package Contents: Pager; holster with belt clip; 1 x AAA alkaline battery
  • Warranty: 1 year parts and labor. Optional: 3 year extended warranty (2 additional years); 5 year extended warranty (4 additional years)
  • Common Applications / Industries: Automotive Dealers & Service Centers, Construction, Demanding Field Use, Dispatch Centers, Facilities Maintenance & Engineering, Fire & EMS, Healthcare (Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Care Homes), Heavy Industry, Hotels / Resorts / Casinos, Public Safety, Shipping & Storage Yards / Loading Docks, Warehouses
Receiving Range

The distance pagers can receive depends on the power and coverage of the transmitter system, so this pager can be used used for wide-area or local service. Wide-area services have ranges of many miles. In local service, it depends on the transmitter and the local environment, and the typical maximum range is one-half mile. Local ranges can be extended using repeaters, amplifiers and other range-extension devices (also sold here).

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  • ARCT PT-01 push-for-service transmitter.
  • Apollo TE-310 staff transmitter.
  • Apollo large display boards
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Optional Extras: Your Apollo system can be customized or expanded and parts can be replaced with individual purchases of the following:

  • Transmitters
  • Chargers
  • Pager belt clips
  • Power supplies
  • Range Extension Devices

Apollo brand equipment is compatible with most other Apollo and ARCT equipment. It is compatible with unrelated equipment brands that are POCSAG-protocol.

Pagers and System Expansion Kits

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  • Apollo Pager System Components: Text Message Display Pagers (Model AL-A24)
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Staff Pager Chargers

Spare Parts: Belt Clips, Paddles, Power Supplies


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