Staff Pager by Long Range Systems (Model RX-SP4)

Staff Pager by Long Range Systems (Model RX-SP4)

LRS - Long Range Systems

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LRS Star Staff Pager (model RX-SP4, also called Star, staff or server pager) is the standard pager for LRS staff paging systems. Purchase the Star by itself as a replacement unit or to expand your paging system with more pagers.


  • Small, beeper-style pager with belt clip
  • Simple installation
  • Durable and water- and tamper-resistant to withstand tough restaurant use
  • Beeps and/or vibrates and lights (but is usually set to vibrate-only for silent use)
  • Four LED lights which may be used in various combinations to send messages
  • Detachable cradle with belt clip (so if the clip breaks only the cradle needs replacement)
  • Programmable by most LRS transmitters
Applications by Industry

Star pagers are ideally used as staff or restaurant server pagers but are not usually for guests, customers or patients because they may be too inconspicuous. Regardless, Star pagers may be used as part of either server/staff or guest/patient pager systems.

  • Kitchen paging in restaurants
  • Staff paging in clinics and medical offices
  • Parent paging in church day care centers
  • Staff paging at day spas
  • Staff paging at auto repair centers
  • Staff paging in factories and offices
  • Staff paging in animal care facilities
  • Beeper-style pager with belt clip
  • Beeps and/or vibrates with strong vibration
  • Vibrate, beep, and light pattern alert modes
  • Signals can turn on the four lights in any combination
  • Works with most LRS transmitters (except Butler XP and PRONTO models)
  • Programmable by most LRS transmitters (except Butler XP and PRONTO models)
  • Sturdy and reliable.
  • Small and light: 3" x 2" x .75", 2.5 ozs.
  • Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride batteries for long battery life and no "memory" problems
  • Up to 60 hours on a single charge
  • Low battery indicator
  • Belt holsters instead of clips. Unlike most competitors' pagers, there's no worry about broken pager clips.
  • UHF frequency (467.75 Mgz) for greater range and pageability
  • Water resistant
  • No battery door and no exposed screws - prevents tampering

NOTE: RX-SP4 pagers are pre-assigned pager ID 1 and System ID 9 unless otherwise specified by using the shopping cart special instructions text box or by otherwise contacting us when you order. You can change pager IDs and System IDs yourself using LRS transmitters (except Butler XP and PRONTO models).

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Optional Extras: Your system can be customized or expanded and parts can be replaced with individual purchases of the following:

  • Staff / Server Pagers
  • Text Display Pagers
  • Transmitters
  • Chargers
  • Pager belt clips
  • Power supplies
  • Range Extension Devices

Pagers and System Expansion Kits

  • LRS Pager System Components: Individual Star Staff / Server Pagers (RX-SP4)
  • LRS Pager System Components: Text Message Manager/Staff Pagers (Individual)
  • LRS Pager System Components: Star Staff / Server Pager Replacement Four Pack
  • LRS Pager Kit: Star Staff Pager Expansion Kit ADD-STAFF (5 Pagers & Charger Expansion)
  • LRS Pager System Components: Star Staff / Server Pager Replacement Six Pack


  • LRS Pager System Component: Guest Pager Transmitter T9560MT
  • LRS Pager System Component: T7470 Freedom Pager Transmitter
  • LRS Pager System Component: Server Pager Transmitter T9560EZ (One touch to 20)
  • LRS Pager System Components: Butler II Five Button Transmitter
  • LRS Paging System: Butler XP Push-for-Service Transmitters
  • LRS Pager System Components: PRONTO One-Button Transmitter System
  • LRS Pager System Components: PRONTO Six-Button Transmitter

Range Extenders

  • LRS Pager Components: TX-74POCREP Pager Repeater Transmitter
  • LRS Pager System Components: 7ft Extended Range Antenna
  • LRS Pager System Components: 10' / 25' / 50' Extended Antenna Cables w/Splices

Star and AdverTeaser Pager Chargers

  • LRS Pager Components: Server/Star/AdverTeaser Pager Chargers (5/15/25 bay)

Spare Parts: Belt Clips, Power Supplies, Jumper Wires

  • LRS Pager System Components: Pager Cradle Belt Clips for Star Server Pagers (1 dozen)
  • LRS Pager Components: Star and AdverTeaser Pager Charger Expansion Rack
  • LRS Pager System Component: Pager Charger Power Supply
  • LRS Pager System Components: Pager System Power Supply Model L1-0034
  • LRS Pager System Components: 5-Inch Jumper Wire for Pager Chargers
  • LRS Pager System Components: Server Board (Name Board) for T9560EZ Transmitters

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