Staff Pager by ARCT (Model SP-01-ND)

Staff Pager by ARCT (Model SP-01-ND)

ARCT Pager Systems

  • $59.00

ARCT Staff Pager (model SP-01-ND) is a standard pager for ARCT staff paging systems. Purchase the pager by itself as a replacement unit or to expand your paging system with more pagers.


  • Small, beeper-style pager with belt clip
  • Simple installation
  • Durable
  • Beeps and/or vibrates and lights (but is usually set to vibrate-only for silent use)
  • Detachable and replaceable belt clip
  • Programmable by ARCT transmitters
  • Digital numeric display shows the pager number.
  • Display can also show the calling transmitter's ID.
  • User-replaceable rechargeable batteries
  • Standby up to five days on a full charge
Applications by Industry

ARCT staff pagers are ideally used as staff or restaurant server pagers but are not usually for guests, customers or patients because they may be too inconspicuous. Regardless, staff pagers may be used as part of either server/staff or guest/patient pager systems.

  • Kitchen paging in restaurants
  • Staff paging in clinics and medical offices
  • Parent paging in church day care centers
  • Staff paging at day spas
  • Staff paging at auto repair centers
  • Staff paging in factories and offices
  • Staff paging in animal care facilities

ARCT Staff Pagers (SP-01-ND)

ARCT staff pagers are simple to install (plug-n-play) and offer the following features:

  • Alerts with moderate beep, strong vibration and/or soft lights for ten seconds or less when stop button is pressed.
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Small and lightweight: 3" x 2" x 1", 2 ozs
  • Digital display for pager number can also show calling transmitter ID
  • Status lights for charging / ready / out-of-range / low battery
  • Alert-cancel button
  • Wireless ID programming from the transmitter
  • Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries (included and installed)
  • Standby up to five days on a full charge
  • Installed AAA battery lasts one year and is user-replaceable
  • Removable and replaceable belt clips and pager cases
  • Converts to "guest-style" pagers with optional paddles with instruction or advertising display space in the handle area.
  • Tough, ergonomic case with grips
  • Note: not sealed against excess moisture or dust
  • Works with most ARCT transmitters
Related Products

Optional Extras: Your ARCT system can be customized or expanded and parts can be replaced with individual purchases of the following:

  • Staff / Server Pagers
  • Transmitters
  • Chargers
  • Pager belt clips
  • Pager paddles
  • Power supplies
  • Range Extension Devices

ARCT brand equipment is compatible with all other ARCT equipment and some types of Apollo equipment. It is not compatible with unrelated equipment brands.

Pagers and System Expansion Kits

  • ARCT Pager System Components: Individual Staff / Server Pagers (SP-01)
  • ARCT Pager System Components: Individual Staff / Server Pagers (SP-01-ND with Display)
  • ARCT Pager System Components: 5/10 Staff / Server Pagers Expansion Kit
  • Apollo Pager System Components: Numeric Message Display Pagers (Model 202-VHF)
  • Apollo Pager System Components: Text Message Display Pagers (Model AL-A24)
  • Apollo Pager System Components: Text Message Display Pagers (Model Gold AL-A25)
  • Apollo Pager System Components: Text Message Display Pagers (Model Gold XP A27)


  • ARCT Pager System Component: ARCT Staff Pager Transmitter
  • ARCT Pager System Component: ARCT Guest Pager Transmitter
  • ARCT Pager System Components: One-Button Push-for-Service Transmitter (Model PT-01)

Staff Pager Chargers

Spare Parts: Belt Clips, Paddles, Power Supplies

Ordering Instructions

All ARCT replacement and expansion pagers may be ordered either pre-programmed and pre-numbered for your convenience or un-numbered and unprogrammed for you to do the final setup yourself. ARCT pagers are programmable using your ARCT transmitter for this purpose.

We normally provide pagers already numbered and programmed to work with your existing system. To do so, we need to know the following, which you can provide in the shopping cart checkout special instructions:

  • Pager Numbers: Please provide the pager numbers needed (i.e., pager #1, 4, 11-15, etc.)
  • System Code: Please look on the back of your ARCT transmitter for its System Code. It is a number such as "00001234". Provide this with the pager numbers with the shopping cart special instructions.

Default Setup: If you do not provide pager numbers and system codes, pagers will ship unprogrammed and unnumbered. You will be able to use your own transmitter to program the pagers yourself.


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