PRONTO Push-for-Service Six-Button Transmitter by Long Range Systems (Model TX-PRONTO-6)

PRONTO Push-for-Service Six-Button Transmitter by Long Range Systems (Model TX-PRONTO-6)

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  • $69.00

Use this PRONTO Push-for-Service Six-Button Pager Transmitter (Model TX-PRONTO-6) component as part of new paging systems or to add to your existing LRS pager system for expansion, replacement or upgrade.

Place the PRONTO where you wish so anyone may contact your staff with the push of a button. LRS PRONTO six-button pager transmitters are great for indoor paging needs such as push-for-service service counter buttons, healthcare residences, executive dining rooms and door access. The PRONTO is inexpensive, small, battery-powered, and programmable. The text message it sends can say where the page is from and what service is needed or any message desired.

As the most economical transmitter in the LRS line, it is especially suitable for use in large quantities, such as placed at every table in a restaurant or nightclub.


  • The single, very large button is hard to miss, both by sight or touch
  • Five smaller buttons are programmable for additional purposes
  • Transmits up to 500 feet (or much farther with repeater transmitters)
  • Each transmitter sends up to six custom messages
  • Wireless with battery power or runs off optional wired power supply
  • Pages directly to pager (no wiring or central processing unit is required).
  • No monthly fees or message service contracts
  • Both one-button and six-button versions are available
Kit Contents
  • 1 PRONTO Transmitter
  • Mounting screws

PRONTO 6-Button PFS Transmitter (TX-PRONTO-6)

  • 500-foot range (in ideal conditions - will be reduced by structures and interference)
  • Range increases greatly with the use of repeater transmitters
  • Compact - 4" diameter x 1" h
  • Single large button and five smaller buttons- all programmable
  • UHF Frequency (467.75 MHz)
  • No wiring required
  • Place on flat surfaces or wall mount
  • Mix-and-match with other LRS transmitters.
  • Quality - it's durable and user friendly
  • Scalable - add units to the system at any time
  • Battery operated or wall-powered
  • Includes sixty assorted button labels.
  • Easy to install and use
  • Both one-button and six-button versions are available
  • All buttons are programmable for:
    • text message
    • target pagers, individual and groups
    • auto-repaging features
    • shadow paging features
  • This item is not stand-alone and will require setup programming to work with existing systems.
  • Programming kits are sold separately or may be included with PFS system kits.
  • Custom setup programming is available from the factory. Please contact us for this.
  • Transmitters are only connected to PCs at programming time. In normal operation, the transmitters are wireless.
  • Transmitter ranges can vary greatly with conditions. Maximum ranges are in "open air" conditions with no interference by structures and other radio signals . Within structures, range distance may be greatly reduced. The use of repeater transmitters can greatly increase range.

LRS Butler XP and PRONTO-series push-for-service transmitters have flexible program features that you can configure using your Windows PC:

  • For each transmitter button, specify the target pager or pager group that receives the page.
  • For each transmitter button, specify the text message sent.
  • Specify shadow pager features (second pagers that get the same signal as the primary page)
  • Specify auto-repage features (number of repages, ID of rollover pager)
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