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Extended Antenna Cables for Transmitters by Long Range Systems (PN Ant-Cable-3)

LRS - Long Range Systems

  • $35.00

Extended Antenna Cables (PN Ant-Cable-3/6/10/25/50) for LRS transmitters are for increasing range and decreasing interference for LRS pager transmitters by enabling antennas to be separated from the transmitters and moved to better locations.

The cables are fitted with BNC connectors on both ends so they may be easily spliced between transmitter and antenna. If range or interference is an issue, one solution is to separate the 3" antenna from the transmitter with an antenna cable and place the antenna somewhere else, up to 50' away. The cables connect to transmitters on one end and the 3" or larger antennas on the other.

  • The higher an antenna is placed, the greater the range.
  • The further an antenna is distanced from heavy construction materials such as concrete and steel, the greater the range.
  • Kitchens with unusually large amounts of stainless steel walls can cut range or create interference. Installing antennas outside of such kitchens solves these problems.

Length Options: Use the shopping cart options to select available antenna lengths from 3- to 50-feet.

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