Guest Pager System Kit with 15 Pro Pagers and MT Transmitter by Long Range Systems

Guest Pager System Kit with 15 Pro Pagers and MT Transmitter by Long Range Systems

LRS - Long Range Systems

  • $873.60

This LRS MT Guest Paging System includes Pro Guest Pagers and an LRS MT Transmitter.

The LRS Pro MT guest paging system helps businesses to better serve their guests. Restaurants, doctors offices, salons, automotive shops, and many other business types all benefit from guest pager systems. LRS guest pagers discreetly alert customers with a buzz and flashing light when service is ready.

The Guest Pager Pro features a digital pager number display you can change as needed, a variety of brightly illuminated LED light colors and a vibration that can be set to various alert styles like flash or glow.


  • Perfect for restaurants, doctors' offices, clinics and other services where people are waiting.
  • Simple do-it-yourself setup with no installation required.
  • Reliable, robust and resistant to abuse and tampering.
  • 24/7 support
  • 1-year warranty
  • Expands to 799 pagers
  • Replacement and expansion pagers available in any quantity
Kit Contents

This LRS Connect Guest Pager Kit consists of:

  • 1 Transmitter (TX-9560MT)
  • 15 Pagers (RX-CS7 Pro)
  • 1 charging station (R8-15 with 15 pager capacity).
Benefits to Restaurants

With guest paging, patrons feel committed to staying at your restaurant so there are fewer walk-aways. Table turns are increased as seating time is reduced and your bottom line is improved.

  • Eliminate overcrowded waiting areas that make customers want to go elsewhere.
  • Commit patrons to waiting and reduce walk-aways.
  • Locate waiting guests quickly and economically.
  • Prevent calling mispronounced names on the PA system.
  • Enhance the atmosphere of your waiting area by reducing noise.
  • Improve overall guest satisfaction.
  • Reduce wait time and turn more tables.
  • Coaster shapes encourage drink purchases while waiting
Applications by Industry
  • Guest paging in restaurants
  • Patient paging in hospitals and clinics
  • Guest paging at day spas
  • Customer paging at auto repair centers
  • Guest paging at golf courses and clubs
  • Driver paging at warehouses and distribution centers
  • Student registration traffic control
Size and Upgrade Options

Pager Quantity: Standard guest systems sizes have 15, 30, 45 or 60 pagers. Systems can be customized to include any number of pagers (up to 799). Replacement and expansion pagers can be purchased at any time in any quantity.

Transmitter Quantity: Standard guest systems require only one transmitter. Systems can be customized with additional transmitters as needed.

Range Extension: The standard system should have enough range as it is for most applications. A variety of optional devices are available to increase range if needed.


Guest Pagers (Model RX-CS7)

  • Simple do-it-yourself installation.
  • Digital coaster number display.
  • Customizable label stickers available for the top face.
  • UHF frequency (FM 420-470 Mhz) for greater range and pageability.
  • Flashing "active" light shows pager is working.
  • Patented stack-charging method allows recharging pagers in any direction.
  • Programmable flash, vibrate and glow paging modes.
  • Large size: 4" x 4" x .75", 4 ozs.
  • Shock-absorbing bumper around all edges.
  • Water resistant.
  • Up to 24 hours on a single charge.
  • No battery door - prevents tampering
  • On-site reprogrammability.
  • "Heartbeat" charge light.
  • Nickel metal hydride batteries with two-year-plus lifetime (on average) and no "memory" problems.
  • Return address label area on the back
  • Tracking mode continuously repages until coasters are returned
  • Auto-locate mode for finding misplaced pagers at the end of a shift.
  • Compatible with legacy LRS coaster pager chargers and transmitters.

MT Transmitter (TX-9560MT)

  • Pages up to 799 pagers
  • Multiple alerts styles as needed: 30 sec. flash, 4 min. flash, flash & beep, or glow (you can use the different styles to send different messages)
  • All-pager-call feature
  • UHF Frequency (467.75 MHz)
  • Rechargeable built-in battery lasts up to 3 days (also works off wall power)
  • Compact size: 3.25”w x 10.5”h (including antenna) x 1.25”d
  • Programs pagers with pager numbers and system IDs
  • Extendable range with repeater transmitters and relocatable antenna

System ID 9 is the default setting (but we use your regular setting if we have one on file or if you contact us to specifiy a different setting.) In any event, the system ID can be set from the keyboard.

The MT model is not internet-enabled. See the LRS Model TX-7470 Guest Pager Transmitter if internet-enabled features are required.

Charger (Model CH-R8)

  • "Any-Orientation" means coasters don't need to stack in the same direction or on angles like most competitors' do.
  • Small and flexible footprint takes up minimal space.
  • Each charging base safely handles up to 15 coasters.
  • Charger bases have small and flexible footprints to occupy the least space possible.
  • Bases "daisy-chain" so you can charge up to 30 coasters on one power outlet.
Related Products

Optional Extras: Your system can be customized or expanded and parts can be replaced with individual purchases of the following:

  • Guest / Patient Pagers
  • Text Display Pagers
  • Transmitters
  • Chargers
  • Power supplies
  • Range Extension Devices

Pagers and System Expansion Kits

  • Pro Guest Pager by Long Range Systems (Model RX-CS7)
  • LRS Pager System Components: Text Message Manager/Staff Pagers (Individual)


  • LRS Pager System Component: Guest Pager Transmitter T9560MT
  • LRS Pager System Component: T7470 Freedom Pager Transmitter
  • LRS Pager System Component: Server Pager Transmitter T9560EZ (One touch to 20)
  • LRS Pager System Components: Butler II Five Button Transmitter
  • LRS Paging System: Butler XP Push-for-Service Transmitters
  • LRS Pager System Components: PRONTO One-Button Transmitter System
  • LRS Pager System Components: PRONTO Six-Button Transmitter

Range Extenders

  • LRS Pager Components: TX-74POCREP Pager Repeater Transmitter
  • LRS Pager System Components: 7ft Extended Range Antenna
  • LRS Pager System Components: 10' / 25' / 50' Extended Antenna Cables w/Splices

Coaster-Style Pager Chargers

  • LRS Pager Component: Coaster Pager Chargers 8-15/30 (for up to 15/30 coasters)

Spare Parts: Power Supplies, Charing Bases and Jumper Wires

  • LRS Pager System Component: Pager Charger Power Supply
  • LRS Pager System Components: Pager System Power Supply Model L1-0034
  • LRS Pager System Components: 5-Inch Jumper Wire for Pager Chargers
  • LRS Pager System Components: Charging Base for coaster-style guest pagers

Sensors for Page Trigger Input Ports (For T7460 and Butler II transmitters)

  • LRS Pager System Component: Butler Series Door Bell Kit
  • LRS Pager System Components: Butler Series Door Sensor Kit

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