Nurse Alert Long Range Pro Patient Pager Call System by Artemis

Nurse Alert Long Range Pro Patient Pager Call System by Artemis

LRS - Long Range Systems

  • $149.95

When dependability is essential, this Artemis Nurse Alert Pro Patient Pager Call System pro-quality caregiver paging set is simple to use and ideal for elderly or disabled in need of immediate assistance. Simply press the red button to call the pager for instant response without using an outside service or paying monthly fees.

The system features professional-grade materials and electronics for the greatest durability, dependability and signal range available (up to one-half mile) among all personal care call buttons. Greater range also means better penetration through walls and better signal reliability for peace of mind.


The Artemis Nurse Alert's unusual features include:

  • Call button (transmitter) sends the longest distance (one-half mile) with the greatest power and penetrates walls better and more reliably than any other in its class. (Structures reduce the actual range depending on their number and construction type but greater power still means more penetration through walls and more reliable signals.)
  • Worry-free call button is tough, waterproof, anti-slip textured, and its anti-strangulation lanyard detaches when stressed (and easily re-attaches).
  • Call button can be worn in showers, baths or pools.
  • Receiving pager is a standard business model (the same type used daily by healthcare pros) and is extremely durable and reliable. Page memory features recalls last calls and their times. Vibrates and loudness is adjustable.
  • Call button’s battery provides a year or more of typical service and is a button type (CR2450) readily available from retail stores. The pager uses one standard AA alkaline battery. Both batteries are user-replaceable.
  • Arrives ready to use (no programming). (The AA battery needs to be installed in the pager.)
Kit Contents

This system kit includes the following:

  • One one-button transmitter ("call button") (model JD-100TC).
  • One numeric text pager (model Apollo AL-A03)

Transmitter ("Necklace Caller") Features (Model JD-100TC)

  • Range up to one-half mile (or less depending on structures). (Compare this to other call button ranges of only 150 to 1,000 feet.)
  • Pages directly and immediately to pager (with no hardwiring, central processing unit, outside service or monthly fees required)
  • Pages one or more pagers
  • Anti-strangulation lanyard detaches when stressed (and easily re-attaches)
  • The call button’s battery provides a year or more of typical service (twenty calls per day) and is a button type (CR2450) readily available from retail stores.
  • Size: 3 x 2 x .5 inches (47×70×18 mm), 2 ozs (55 g). Lanyard: 34 in. (864 mm)

Numeric Pager (Model Apollo AL-A03 aka "XL2000 A01")

  • Small, beeper-style pager with top-display and belt clip.
  • Beeps and/or vibrates.
  • Beep volume is 85db at 4"
  • Holds up to 16 numeric messages
  • Works with most POCSAG transmitters
  • Uses one AA battery that lasts three to four months.
  • Low battery indicator
  • Automatic backlight
  • Automatic On/Off increases battery life
  • Size: 3" x 1.75" x .75" (without belt clip)
  • Hand-programmable from its menu or with the optional programming tool.
Related Products

You can use this system kit as a system starter kit. You can expand your system by ordering:

  • Other POCSAG-complient transmitters.
  • Additional pagers
  • Program kits (usually only one kit per system is needed)
  • Repeater Transmitters (to greatly expand normal range or overcome dead zones)

Note: JD-100TC transmitters are only sold as part of a set with the pager.

You can call us at 805-375-7000 to place your order or you can order your system components using the website shopping cart.


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